Legal and Ethical Questions Answered: When Lawyers File for a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Lawyers, just like any career that requires years and years of education and training to complete, have monumental school debts. Even after they have worked for a couple of years, there is always more debt piled on top of the school loans--mortgage, car loans, etc. Therefore, it is understandable if lawyers file for bankruptcy, but the question is, can they? What are the legal and ethical issues surrounding a lawyer and his or her bankruptcy? [Read More]

2 Types of Bankruptcy and When You Should Consider Them

Filing bankruptcy is often a last resort for many individuals, mostly because they think that it is some kind of failure on their part. However, a bankruptcy is often the best option for people drowning in debt and having difficulty paying their debts. Below are just two bankruptcy types to consider, as well as when you should consider them. Chapter 7 A chapter 7 bankruptcy is one of the most common types of bankruptcy, mostly because of the many benefits that it provides. [Read More]

For Hardworking Seniors, Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Can Be The Right Compromise

Retirees face most of the same financial pressures as the rest of the population.  That may include considering filing for bankruptcy—something that more than 1 million people do each year.  But seniors facing this option often have some unique obstacles and a few possible aids.  How can they find the best debt relief in this situation? The Moral Dilemma The first barrier to bankruptcy that many retirees face is not a financial one, nor is it the red tape or costs involved. [Read More]

Know What You Stand To Lose Before Filing For Chapter 7

Before you file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, it is very important to look at any upcoming payments you are expecting to receive. The reason for this is because the bankruptcy court can seize numerous types of monetary payments that are owed to you, and you could end up forfeiting a lot if you do not know this. What is Chapter 7? Chapter 7 bankruptcy is the branch of bankruptcy that allows you to clear away all the unsecured debts you owe, without having to repay them. [Read More]